We started Upsolve to help as many low-income Americans as possible get a fresh start.

Our pricing model refects this. For every 20 people your organizations helps with Upsolve, we’ll donate $1,000 to your organization. If you help 100 people, Upsolve will cost you absolutely nothing. We believe in rewarding you for your success.

Your Impact
100+ People
80+ People
60+ People
40+ People
20+ People
0+ People
What You Pay

Annual License Fee: $5,000

Setup Includes:
  • Working with you to recruit pro bono attorneys
  • Helping you generate press to get the attention of people in your community
  • Helping you get the word out to local nonprofts for referrals
  • Access to unlimited web trainings for anyone in your organization and any of your pro bono attorneys Working with you to recruit pro bono attorneys
Ongoing Service Includes:
  • Unlimited usage of our platform for as many debtors as your organization can help
  • Unlimited seats for as many pro bono attorneys as your organization has
  • Live chat and customer support for your debtors
  • We pay for tax returns and credit returns from Experian and Transunion